Library: Refit

Simplify Your API Calls

Microsoft has made many improvements in WebAPI regarding boiler code for REST APIs. The minimal API is a great way to speed up and remove the tedious process of creating controllers, and in combination with MediatR great way to make most of them into one-liners.


Dapr - The Distributed Application Runtime

Microsoft's Sidecar for Distributed Applications

Dapr is a free and open-source sub-system for distributed applications that simplifies development by offloading Service Invocation, Publish and Subscribe, Secret Management, Input/Output Bindings, State Management, and Virtual Actors as a sidecar pattern.


Library: HashIds - Masking System Data (Id Series)

Hiding identifiers

When we present information about the system to the users, we want to hide the system's inner workings. But, sometimes, it is necessary to give the user some of the details like:


Library: Bogus

Fake data generator

We often work on projects or parts of the system where we expect the typical user to have hundreds or thousands of entries. Still, we always test the development system with only a few representative entites because we don't want to create realistic data sets. If we don't expect production data to impact performance and stability negatively, we will not generate dummy data.