Data Storing

Event Sourcing

Capture all state changes as a sequence of events

The traditional way of developing a managing entity is to save its current state only. This has to do a lot with hardware limitations we used to have and the basic concept of relational databases that served us very well. However, tables do not represent events that occurred, only the current state of the system. Sometimes it is enough, but not always. What happens if we need more?


SQL Server Temporal Tables

System-versioned temporal tables in SQL Server

One of the most important new features of ANSI SQL 2011 (ISO/IEC 9075:2011) was defining language enchantments for SQL temporal functionality. Support for SQL Server came with the 2016 version as a "system-versioned temporal tables."


Soft Updates

...and Soft Deletes

Hard Delete - An operation in which data is erased from the database
Soft Delete - An operation in which a flag is used to mark data as unusable, without erasing the data itself from the database.