My name is Vuk.

I am a developer and I use Microsoft tech stack. I'm especially interested in software architecture and system design. These days I'm mostly working on modernizing enterprise legacy applications into modern cloud apps.

I am a gamer and old enough to call a gamepad a joystick and to remember the last days of the Commodore 64, Amiga 500, and 1200. I miss those days, so much so that I have a somewhat large collection of Atari Port Joysticks - Competition Pro for the win.

I am an entrepreneur and have found several ways how not to start a startup. Favorite lessons:

  • Do not focus on technology (even if it is much more fun) - focus on the business model
  • Do not start a business by coding first

I am a father and I'm finding out that you can write code even next to the kindergarten.

I am an avid reader. I try to summarize technical books I have found interesting

Why this blog?

  • Public thought organizer - It's funny how often we think we understand something, but when we have to explain it so somebody we can't.
  • Curated Resource Center - I often found it practical to point someone to a blog post with resources and conclusions on the subject.
  • Practice technical writing - Yes, even with ChatGPT it is practical to have a good writing skills.

Contact: LinkedIn