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Vim Movements: A Journey Through Time and Text

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built for efficiently creating and changing any text, most often code. Unlike standard text editors, Vim has several operational modes like normal, insert, and visual. This approach allows proficient Vim users to edit text, using variously advanced quick 'movements' with different key combinations, without moving hands from asdf and jkl;. With traditional editors and keyboard, more advanced commands like selecting an entire line, selecting a word, and other requires moving the right hand to arrow keys and home/end (and what's even worse, laptop and smaller keyboards often don't even have those keys, or have them on the weird places like next to F Keys, or stacked vertically). These commands are much faster with Vim Movements, at least in theory.


Library: Refit

Simplify Your API Calls

Microsoft has made many improvements in WebAPI regarding boiler code for REST APIs. The minimal API is a great way to speed up and remove the tedious process of creating controllers, and in combination with MediatR great way to make most of them into one-liners.


Web components with Blazor .NET 7

Inject order into JavaScript frameworks by replacing them with C# Web Components

Web components are web standards that allow you to create custom, reusable HTML elements. These can encapsulate their styles and behaviors, preventing conflicts with other parts of your website. They are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and can range from simple UI elements to complex, fully-featured web applications.