ZoomIt - Annotation Tool

ZoomIt - Annotation Tool

Simple, but great Annotation Tool

Published on Thursday, October 27, 2022

ZoomIt is a simple screen zoom and annotation tool for Windows. Except for the settings, there is no user interface, everything is run with customizable hotkeys. It is possible to zoom the screen area and move around while zoomed. Also, it is possible to draw or write on frozen screen.


I don't use the zooming options that much, I press Ctrl + 2 to go into drawing mode and then use colored pens (B - Blue, Y - Yellow) to draw in freehand mode, with Ctrl to draw Rectangle or Hold Ctrl + Shift to draw an arrow. And if necessary Windows Key + Shift + S for Windows Snipping Tool.

Full list of Shorcuts for ZoomIt

You can modify shortcuts, but I find it impractical if you work on several computers. Bolded functions are the ones I use the most.

Function Shortcut
Zoom Mode Ctrl + 1
Zoom In Mouse Scroll Up or Up Arrow
Zoom Out Mouse Scroll Down or Down Arrow
Start Drawing (While In Zoom Mode) Left-Click
Stop Drawing (While In Zoom Mode) Right-Click
Start Drawing (While Not In Zoom Mode) Ctrl + 2
Increase/Decrease Line And Cursor Size (Drawing Mode) Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up/Down or Arrow Keys
Center The Cursor (Drawing Mode) Space Bar
Whiteboard (Drawing Mode) W
Blackboard (Drawing Mode) K
Type in Text (Left Aligned) T
Type in Text (Right Aligned) Shift + T
Increase/Decrease Font Size (Typing Mode) Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up/Down or Arrow Keys
Red Pen R
Green Pen G
Blue Pen B
Yellow Pen Y
Orange Pen O
Pink Pen P
Draw a Straight Line Hold Shift
Draw a Rectangle Hold Ctrl
Draw an Ellipse Hold Tab
Draw an Arrow Hold Ctrl + Shift
Erase Last Drawing Ctrl + Z
Erase All Drawings E
Copy Screenshot to Clipboard Ctrl + C
Save Screenshot as PNG Ctrl + S
Start/Stop Screen Recording Saved as MP4 (Windows 10 May 2019 Update And Higher) Ctrl + 5
Show Countdown Timer Ctrl + 3
Increase/Decrease Time Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up/Down or Arrow Keys
Minimize Timer (Without Pausing It) Alt + Tab
Show Timer When Minimized Left-Click On The ZoomIt Icon
Live Zoom Mode Ctrl + 4
Exit Esc or Right-Click

ZoomIt Installation

You can install it quickly with chocolatey.

choco install zoomit

Or check the official Microsoft ZoomIt Page.